Watching Vice President Mitch McConnell last night on BBC News eloquently portray how he could not stand by trump in his stubborn campaign to deny the result of the us election, instead calling it a fraud that had to be over turned – and how that was being played out by destructive elements in the senate building – instead he stood by decades of civility in respecting election results and the handover process from the incumbent president to the president elect, reminded me of what barak Obama has recorded in his memoir A Promised Land “At 9.55am we arrived at the north portico of the White House, where President and Mrs Bush greeted us and led us inside….” Up to this point President Bush had been nothing if not honourable in handing over the reins to barak Obama by ensuring he had all the information he needed to take over, and continued to oblige Barak Obama.

This is a world away from the behaviour of President trump throwing his toys out of the pram after losing the election and inspiring his hardcore supporters into wanton acts of violence and destruction. Let’s hope this undemocratic behaviour is frowned upon by future leaders and never  repeated.

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