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Rage by Bob Woodward

Rage by Bob Woodward
Rage by Bob Woodward is not quite a biography of Donald Trump, rather more of a series of interviews scaffolded by USA entering the COVID pandemic.

The Assault On Truth by Peter Oborne: Gaslighting the Nation

The Assault on Truth
The Assault on Truth by Peter Oborne is a short rant, sometimes repetitive, but mercilous and meticulously researched with references to justify its ethical message: Johnson is corrupt and the media has colluded with him. That Johnson has more than a passing similarity with Trump in his pursuit of power at any price and his (past) conspirators like Cummings helped him in his mission.

Monopoly vs Freedom of Speech

John Naughton lends his weight to the debate on social media and freedom of speech in his Observer article on the furore over Trump and social media but let’s his own bias get in the way. John Naughton goes back…

Is populism so evil?

Traditional party politics in the UK are in transition with conservatism and populism dividing the votes. Both parties have learned the evils of liberalism when under Blair and Cameron.

Twitter: Wild West and Human Rights

Two recent events on Twitter both highlighted some important questions about Twitter as a public square and how we respond as a society to it. The first one is Trump being banned from Twitter for what Twitter called a “risk”…


Watching Vice President Mitch McConnell last night on BBC News eloquently portray how he could not stand by trump in his stubborn campaign to deny the result of the us election, instead calling it a fraud that had to be…