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Commentary on local government (my career) and the hair and beauty sector (of which I am a business owner).

Let’s talk adult education! 

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I work i adult education so the fact that we go to the polls in less than a month's time is highly significant me. It's about my job, my service and my learners. There will be budget cuts, that is inevitable to pay for the bribes and the long term growing debt.

Wayfair: a case study in customer experience

Wayfair is all over the telly and web at the moment. Never mind the flood of emails. An online retail company for the pandemic era. There appears to be nothing you don't need for your house and garden they do not sell. So I decided to take a dip and buy one of their goods for the first time. a case study in customer experience

After six months of no progress I have attempted to nudge Gearbest into escalating the matter to a senior customer service person but it seems impossible to go beyond the robotic responses in their ticket process. Now their customer service staff have stopped "supporting" the resolution of my complaint.

Time to support the rebirth of the hair and beauty sector

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It is a moral victory for the hair and beauty sector that the government has slotted the sector in with other retail businesses for a re-opening of 12 April. It puts our sector on an equal footing with retail and an acceptance that it has a proven record in using PPE to deliver a COVID secure service with little negative impact on the infection rate. The beauty sector is a £28 billion industry – making a bigger contribution to the economy than car manufacturing. So it deserves recognition in the revival of the economy this summer.