Ashnaa Hair and Beauty website launch

New website for Ashnaa Hair and Beauty salon.

Today I have completed the first version of the new website for our Ashnaa Hair and Beauty salon. This is a hybrid retail website for the salon that drives online bookings to a third party website – Treatwell.

I have moved from a static website design to using WordPress. I have a hosted site I do not have the freedom of working through After the equivalent of being in a tutorial learning how to create a blog – this blog – I moved onto creating a business site. Here, the learning curve is exponential, creating a store, setting up a business theme, and a compelling front page. The complication is that there is no transaction taking place on the site as we work through a third party site Treatwell. So part of learning WordPress is learning how to use Woocommerce without the transactional element and with a smooth link to Treatwell for the booking.

Learning formatting across a basic WordPress, a theme, a woocomerce store and multiple plugins is complex and a minefiled when learning where every switch is to turn off functions like the cart. And then there is SEO and learning a new way of thinking with meta, and again having to go through the tabs to find out that visibility is switched off. As the site drives indirect income to the business through a third party site (which is in itself a cost) and the business is local to South London the budget is effecitvely zero. I got there.

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