Aston Villa 2 Leeds United 1 – two easy

Aston Villa 2 Leeds United 1.  Two easy.  Playing some of their better football counted for nothing.  Too easy to score against and unable to convert chances.

Aston Villa 2 Leeds United 1 – two easy.  Ultimately, playing some of their better football counted for nothing.  Too easy to score against and unable to convert chances, Leeds United were simply not good enough.  The talent is there but Marsch needs to take responsibility for the lack of ruthlessness and precision in the team.

Leeds United have gone a while without a win and no sign yet where the next one will come from.  Villa under Emery means Leeds would settle for another draw but a defeat is worrying in how Leeds hover too close to the relegation zone. Aston Villa are unbeaten in their last for matches against Leeds United and five points ahead.

Leeds United have a habit of having to come from behind in recent matches and again they conceded the first goal in this match.  Leeds United needed Wober playing from the start as Struijk in left back could not cope with Bailey.

Leeds United have the worst possible start. After positive pressing leading to a corner – which Roca could have scored – Leeds concede a goal from Villa breaking. Struijk guilty on the left leaving Bailey space to have a clear shot on goal. 1-0 down in under 3 minutes.

After a lengthy delay due to an injury the new Villa signing Moreno is brought on.  Leeds take advantage of his lack of preparedness for the pace of the premier league.  Leeds respond well as they started with high pressing and look for an equaliser with Harrison but Rodrigo’s first touch lets him down.

Villa’s plan is to counter attack and score through the porous Leeds defence.  Rodrigo has his chances but cannot get past Martinez.  Sky commentary love this world cup winner.

Leeds dominate the first half in the first half but missing that final shot on target.  Harrison is delivering dangerous corners.  They have played the game in Villa’s half with Harrison and Gnonto creating chances but too few shots on target.

Second half more of the same

Leeds start the second half as they started the first by positive pressing; Villa lack ideas how to get out of their half.  The match livens up with both sides taking more shots on goal; Gnoto has a chip but Martinez again makes a crucial save.  Villa’s tactic now is to waste time.

Adams has been a rock in midfield breaking down Villa advances in the middle and is denied his own chance on goal.  Another Villa counter to the other end and Bailey again involved as Villa score a second goal.  A cruel situation as Leeds have played the better football.  Bamford makes a long awaited return and Wober is brought on.

Villa take the momentum after the second goal testing Meslier.  But a superlative run by Gnonto sets up Bamford to score on his return.  2-1 down Leeds then bizarrely lose momentum at the very moment they should have taken the game to 2-2.  The game fizzles out with more time wasting by Villa and Leeds wasted opportunities cost them a valuable point.

Man of the match: Gnonto

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