Tottenham Hotspur 4 Leeds United 3 – Defense lets us down again

Tottenham Hotspur 4 Leeds United 3 – another 4-3 thriller. Again, our defense was exposed. After being in the lead three times Leeds lose.

Tottenham Hotspur 4 Leeds United 3 – another 4-3 thriller after the Bournemouth match last week but this time Leeds’ were on the receiving end. Again, our defense was exposed. After being in the lead three times Leeds have to defend better to protect their lead– that Left Back is needed in the January transfer window.

Gnoto earned a starting place as Harrison is injured, but only made it to half time due to being repeatedly knocked. Adams and Aaronson earned call up to USA national team in Qatar world cup. Tottenham Hotspur FC look to beat Leeds United again and reinforce their place in the top three.

Spurs started brightly causing corners but, out of nothing, Leeds fashion a goal. Meslier kicks the ball to Kristensen who passes to Aaronson who shakes off the Spurs defender and forward passes to Summerville who half volleys the ball in to the near corner of the net. Dyer is left flailing. Sommerville is proving a real threat in the penalty box.

Spurs use their pace in attack which is too much for Leeds Aaronson and Summerville link up again on 20 minutes but Lloris, this time, alert to Summerville and blocks the shot. Then Rodrigo is given the ball but he is offside and can only hit the post at such an acute angle.

The lead lasts only 20 minutes before Kane scores from a corner. VAR checks as Meslier is clearly leaned into and out of the way. A harsh decision.

Just before half time Leeds have a corner which is poor. The ball is headed out to Cooper who heads it back into the penalty box. Kristensen heads it forward to Rodrigo who volleys it hard into the net. A striker’s finish. Bizarrely, the camera allows the shouting of a Spurs “You’re f@cking shit, that’s why you play for Leeds,” to keep moaning while the corner is taken. Then we scored.

Richarlisen is having a frustrating afternoon – he almost equalises but the ball is kicked away before it rolls towards the net. Leeds have taken the opportunities given to them.

Second half – we can’t defend a lead

Spurs get the second half going with a goal equalising the score to 2-2. Cooper is better on the byline and Meslier with Kristensen are beaten at the second attempt. Leeds again caught out by the pace of Spurs’throw-ins. Spurs make a couple of defensive changes early in the second half as Leeds grow in confidence penetrating the defense.

Leeds have period of possession and take the lead for the third time in the match. An industrial tackle by Adams wins the ball on the half way line. Spurs players are livid a foul is not given. Adams crosses to Rodrigo on the left who sprints past the defender and manages a tight shot that beats Lloris. Another strikers finish.

Spurs pressure sees them equalise on 80 minutes. Leeds defending is poor as a cross into the box is headed out onto the edge of the box and booted back straight into the net. Then the fourth goal for Spurs shows Leeds’ defence at its worst as five Leeds defenders are nowhere near the Spurs players as they tap the ball into the net. To cap it all off Adams receives his second yellow card for a bad foul and is sent off. He is clearly tired.

Leeds more than matched Spurs for 80 minutes with Aaronson tirelessly pushing the Leeds attack forward. Then, in the space of barely two minutes we threw away the win, with a lack of concentration in defence.

Man of the match: Aaronson

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