Leeds United and Jesse Marsch – time for a return on the investment

Leeds United were a big player in the January transfer window. Rutter and McKennie showed ambition. It's time for a return on that investment from Jesse Marsch.

Leeds United were a relatively big player in the January 2023 transfer window. Rutter and McKennie showed ambition. It’s time for a return on that investment from Jesse Marsch.

When Llorente was moved on in January 2023 that was the moment when the American Revolution at Leeds United was complete – a key signing by Bielsa had been replaced. Llorente had been pivotal in getting Leeds promoted. Now Jesse Marsch was strengthening the defence for the premier League.

What Marsch has at Leeds now is largely his team – Wober, Adams, McKennie, Aaronson, Sinisterra, Kristensen, Gnoto, and Rutter. In a year he has been given license to overhaul the first team. Not just replace players, but strengthen the squad so it is bigger with competition for places.

This team is now in his image. With the San Francisco 49ers no doubt funding some of it, with a view taking over the club next season. But that would be conditional on Leeds United staying up in the premier League.

Jesse Marsch has been allowed to remodel the first team around his philosophy – bringing in new players that play in his style -vertical and chaotic. So where is that return on the investment?

The disappointing defeat at Nottingham Forest shows that despite all the investment Leeds United have not progressed. Hovering above the relegation zone by goal difference is a perilous position to be in and certainly not what the current owners would never planned for when discussing with Marsch his plans at the beginning of the season.

The dilemma here is that it is not straightforward to cut ties with Marsch. The team and the set up is pure Marsch. There is no going back from that this late in the season. The reality is we are in Marsch’s hands now where we end up at the end of the season.

It’s a nightmare scenario to be relegated and to see a new squad disbanded so soon. Marsch has two months to find a winning formula that we have only seen glimpses of this season.

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