Ipswich FC 3 – Leeds United 4 – back to winning ways

Ipswich FC 3 – Leeds United 4 – back to winning ways.  All four forwards scored but they do not make it easy, lacking concentration at the back at times.

Ipswich FC 3 – Leeds United 4 – back to winning ways.  Whilst all four forwards scored for Leeds they do not make it easy for themselves lacking concentration at the back at times.

Three matches in Leeds United entered this match against Ipswich with the first real optimism of the season.  Farke spent the summer in the perfect storm: losing most of his first team to loans and sales, Gnonto on strike, Sinisterra distracted, Bamford and Cooper injured.  He showed a fresh sense of leadership – disciplining Gnonto (who has now apologised and returned to the squad but “no third chance”), and refusing to play Sinisterra until he was no longer distracted.  If that meant starting a match without enough reserves so be it.  When playing, the team has been under a cloud and has yet to win. 

The return of Gnonto, Sinisterra, and the arrival of Piroe, means that Leeds can finally look to be able to score goals with confidence. The “aggressive” work in the transfer market promised by the new owners may yet be realised if there are more positive signings before the transfer window closes.

It was a Leedsy anarchic first twenty minutes with four goals.  Within five minutes Leeds looked for an offside and Rodon is left trying to block a shot only to deflect it into his own net.  Then, Rutter showed his first moment of quality picking up an Ayling pass and dribbled past five players to kick the ball across the keeper and score. 

On fifteen minutes we have our third goal. Byram crosses to the far post and Gnonto comes charging in to kick the ball past the defender and keeper.  Gnonto is forgiven for his recent transgressions. And within twenty minutes Piroe scores on his debut and Leeds are 3-1 up.  Sinisterra does his job and has a shot on goal. Piroe does his job and picks up the loose ball and scores an easy goal.

Having controlled the left side of the pitch Byram is subbed off in the first half.  He is replaced by Drameh who, in the last seconds of the first half makes a a lazy pass back that sees Ipswich snatch the ball before Meslier can get there and Broadhead is on the scene to score. 3-2 – five goals in the first half.

The sub Drameh is punished for his mistake and subbed at the beginning of the second half with Shackleton on.  He first loses his boot half way across the pitch and then collects a loose ball in the middle of the pitch and drives it forward finding Sinisterra who cuts the ball across the keeper into the net – 4-2. 

In the second half Ipswich tested Leeds by dominating possesion and peppering the Leeds goal but Leeds overcame that with Piroe and Sinisterra testing the Ipswich keeper.  Again, like at the end of the first half Leeds end the second half by conceding a goal switching off.  By then time was up and Leeds had won the first league match of the season.

Ipswich found gaps in the Leeds defence by either counter attacking or suddenly attacking and finding space behind the Leeds defence; they were rewarded with three goals and took the match to the last minute.  Leeds too often looked for an offside decision, not to be given, and being caught out.

Ampadu was solid in midfield with his battle against a fiery Morsey and the referee had to have a long talk with them both.Rodon is proving a rock in defence but Leeds still need another player to be complete.  Piroe and Rutter started their first match together working well – Rutter looked a changed player being more physical.

The referee had a troubled match not giving Leeds some offside decisions and, after a quiet first half, loses it in the second with many yellow cards.

This was an affirmation of Farke’s patience and determination to build a championship winning squad. All four forwards scored with a confidence to soak up a lot of pressure from Ipswich.  Defence is still naive but Rodon is proving perceptive and at least we can score again.  Farke admitted afterwards we had to dig in and it was a bit of a crazy game.

Man of the match: Georgino Rutter


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