Radar 6 February 2021

What is currently on my radar.

What I am readingA Promised Land by Barak Obama – written as a detailed chronicle of his time in power rather than an entertaining mass market read.
What podcast I am listening to Pc Pro. Twenty years old with over a billion edits it is reliable and my goto for movie information
What music I am listening to Fontaines DC – A Heroe’s Death. Post-Punk still lives.
What website I am visitingWPBeginner – for WordPress – easier than reading a book with useful bitesize articles and emails.
What political issue I am reading aboutThe Ideology that broke Britain by Aris Roussinos on Unherd. “Marketisation has not led to the eradication of waste and inefficient bureacracy, but to the vast growth of both.” One of the lessons of the pandemic in the UK is to sort out neoliberalism.

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