Radar 1 March 2021

What is currently on my radar: music, politics, books etc.

What I am readingThe British in India by David Gilmour. A social history of the Raj.
Fascinating and readable journey about what made India different as a British colony to others.
What podcast I am listening to Exposing critical race theory with Christopher Rufo.
On Culture Wars with Andrew Doyle. YouTube.
How critical race theory is technically illegal and damaging.
What music I am listening to Hammock
On Spotify. Post-music if there is a such a thing. Gets me through the day when imprisoned at home.
What website I am visitingEvery Mind Matters by NHS
Genuinely helpful advice when the pandemic and lockdown is isolating us.
What political issue I am reading aboutThe country craves a ‘Beveridge’ moment but it is beyond our grasp. In the Daily Telegraph (paywall).
We are in a moment when we can unite across the political divide and take real risks to fundamentally kick start the nation.

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