On My Radar August 2021: websites, articles and blogs

What political article I am readingPublished and Be Damned
From the Observer that concerns Blake Bailey’s Philip Roth biography that has been mysteriously cancelled follow sexual allegations raised against Bailey, but is more concerning regarding the culture war between the publishing houses in the UK and the under 40s who work for them with a different view of free speech. Quote from Howard Jacobson: “If I was a publisher now, I would say the whole lot of you need a course. This is what literature does. If it displeases you, good. Its jobis not to make you feel better or to appeal to you. The fact that you don’t like it is 100% irrelevant.”
What movie I am watchingFast and Furious 9
After the gargantuan action of the previous two instalments this one was always going to struggle to live up to those high expectations. The car in space shows it needed more thinking through.
What music I am listening toBlue Weekendby Wolf Alice

A welcome new third album that reflects their maturing style
What blog I am readingPineapple Juice
Recent article on Fields in Trust seeking legal protection to parks and green spaces inurban areas, combatting their transfer from public to private ownership..
What blog I am readingDominic Cummings
A different kind of blog written sometimes as a download of evidence often lost in acronyms, with some intelligent thinking in hidden inside: My essay on an ‘Odyssean’ Education

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