On My Radar July 2023 – Extraction 2, LIFE, The Witches, ITV News, and Substack

Extraction 2 follows up on one of Netflix's recent hits, LIFE are added to my Spotify playlist. The biological vs gender debate, and Witches.
What political article I am readingRosie Duffield and ITV News

Graham Linehan takes ITV News to task over its use of a biological man in place of a biological woman to represent the struggles of women. Another example of women being gradually erased. Rosei Duffield MP challenged ITV News, who were reporting on rising water bills, for choosing a biological man, who cannot have children, as a “mum”. Graham Linehan covers the impact of this with the vile language used against the MP. Linehan picks up on the irony of Owen Jones calling it a pile-on on Mika Minio-Paluello, when it is actually happenig to Rosie Duffield MP. Language is everything.
What movie I am watchingExtraction 2

At first this appears a fluid sequel to Extraction as Chris Hemsworth is invited to perform another extraction, this time for his ex-wife. The John Wick style scenes in the prison and on the train are entertaining if only for the creative use of a drone camera that puts the audience right inside the action. Whilst the lack of much of a story line at first doesn’t matter, the movie soon loses its own plot.
What music I am listening toLIFE

Not much of any impact may come out of Hull these days but LIFE have been around long enough to stick out. Sometime with hint of Joy Division , and then The Fall, their influences are what keep you hooked. Listen to Friends Without Names.
What blog I am readingSubstack

The more I read the more I am reading Articles from Substack. It seems that so many influential writers have migrated to Substack: Frank Furedi, Ed West, Matt Goodwin. Despite the lack of curation, newspaper article writers like John Naughton link to their most informed article.
What book I am readingThe Witches by Stacy Schiff

It is incredible to believe this happened and the book documents it in minute detail – not a light read.

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