On My Radar April 2022 – Batman, Fontaines DC and Twitter

Twitter is topical at the moment with Elon Musk attempting a takeover. The Batman is divisive movie with its dark emo imagery. Fontaines DC rule!
What political article I am readingNo Woman is Safe on Twitter

Kate Clanchy on Unherd reflects on the hiopcrocracy of how people on Twitter abhor trolls but become trolls themselves to dispense their own justice. Elon Musk is currently adding a twist to this debate – if he bought Twitter and freed up its speech – how would that help?
What movie I am watchingThe Batman

I am quite liking how DC Comics are taking the dark and brooding route with their comic heroes compared to Marvel who seem to have recently lost their way with the Eternals. However, the reviews show it is not for everyone.
What music I am listening toFontaines DC

Fontaines DC are simply everywhere at the moment – even shaking up The Observer.
What blog I am readingJulie Bindel

Writing in The Critic and Unherd Julie Bindel gives insight into feminism such as on Laurie Penny’s new book and the debate on pronouns.
What book I am readingThe Three Body Problem by Liu Cixin

A readable plot but slides into science at times. The chapters switch between real life and a computer game which took until half way through the novel before it gripped me.

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