Brentford FC 5 Leeds United 2 – Beaten on the Counter Attack

Brentford FC 5 Leeds United 2. Leeds were beaten on the counter attack. Marsch has to take responsibility for for this match because it clearly did not work.

Brentford FC 5 Leeds United 2. This match was a return to the dark ages of last season when Leeds were conceding too many goals, being beaten on the counter attack. Marsch has to take responsibility for how he set up Leeds for this match because it clearly did not work, and his own red card. Leeds are still looking for their first away win.

Two changes for Leeds United: Cody Drameh replaces Kristensen. Gelhardt replaced the injured Rodrigo. Leeds secured their premiership place at Brentford FC last season. Brentford have shown their ambition early this season with an 4-0 drubbing of Manchester United.

Leeds start by looking to press high and control the midfield. Brentford respond by playing deep and playing the long ball on the counter attack.

Leeds defence looked vulnerable on the left with Drameh and Llorente inviting fouls near the penalty box. This is where Brentford set pieces will make a difference in the match.

VAR check for handball by Struijk and then a possible foul. This came from a long throw in – Brentford set piece. The check takes three minutes and is a penalty. Toney never misses a penalty and takes the lead for Brentford. Just before half time Toney doubles the lead with a free kick that Meslier could not have stopped.

Sinisterra then makes a wonder strike that catches out the keeper. It’s 2-1 at the break. Whilst Leeds have dominated with possession and careful build up they have missed Bamford.

Second half

Bamford starts the second half. Harrison played well on the left getting the ball into box but needed Bamford on the end of it. Brentford’s dislike of Leeds starts to show with outbreaks of techiness between players. Firstly Adams having a tussle with Jensen. A calamitous third goal conceded that is embarressing for Leeds. Meslier comes out of his penalty box only to kick the ball to Toney who gets his hat trick with Meslier still out of his box.

Clear penalty against Sommerville which involves both a shirt tug and a shove. Marsch gets himself sent off asking for VAR. Leeds lose their way without Marsch. Subs on but Brentford breaking up Leeds’ play.Klich and Ayling on to steady the ship.

Leeds then spurn two gold plated opportunities in front of goal. Firstly, Bamford just needs to tap the ball in but it bounces off his knee away from goal. The ball comes back into the penalty box but Roca shoots point blank into the keeper.

Straight away a cutback by Ayling to Roca who score and Leeds bring it back to 3-2. Brentford immediately score with another VAR incident. Leeds’ defending at fault again with Llorente heading back wards from a long cross ten seconds from the restart – an easy ball for Brentford to pick up and score.

The referee had a poor afternoon with too many VAR checks that took too long to decide upon. Leeds had more of the ball but continue to lack a clinical finish. Defence was in tatters today with Llorente having a shocker. Struijk continues to grow at Leeds pushing that ball up on the left.

Man of the match: Struijk


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