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On the cusp of Populism

Kier Starmer Rishi Sunak
In an era when manifestos have become costed menus, the main political parties have strayed far away from having an ideology.  Are we now on the cusp of populism?

An unpopular election

An unpopular election.  The electorate is unmoved by a lack of real choices of who to vote for. Neither Starmer nor Sunak are proving to be a clear winner.

Leaders debate: slugfest

The first Leaders debate was like a slugfest as each leader attacked each other through each soundbite issue. Watching Sunak and Starmer last night was tough.

What is the future for the Labour Party?

Kier Starmer
The Chesham and Amersham by election victory for Liberal Democrats is a key moment in Kier Starmer’s term as Labour leader – his party managing to achieve its worst by-election result in the party’s history. Winning only 1.6 per cent of the vote and losing its deposit, Labour finished in fourth place behind the third-placed Green Party.

Labour using Tory sleaze won’t cut it with voters

Kier Starmer
Over the past week since the Guardian exposed the farce of the prime minister's flat refurbishment the leader of the opposition, Kier Starmer, had made it his mission to maximize the embarrassment factor for Boris Johnson. There was the bizarre photo opportunity in a store with wallpaper to ram home the message.

Maurice Glasman: how the fates abandoned Boris

Maurice Glasman in his article in Unherd “how the fates abandoned Boris” nails the blindspot Labour suffered from in the last election”: the Tories understood that the long-term disaffection of Labour’s heartland voters with globalisation and abandonment combined with the…