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What next for the Tories?

The crisis at the heart of the Conservative Party has rippled out into the economy. Rishi Sunak is now the third Tory party leader and Prime Minister this year. What next for the Tories?

Can we live with the coronavirus

COVID vaccine
The NHS is in crisis every winter so we need a plan where we can live with the coronavirus in our 'wet plague-ridden country' and start to normalise coronavirus as being here for a long time and inoculate against it annually.

The Assault On Truth by Peter Oborne: Gaslighting the Nation

The Assault on Truth
The Assault on Truth by Peter Oborne is a short rant, sometimes repetitive, but mercilous and meticulously researched with references to justify its ethical message: Johnson is corrupt and the media has colluded with him. That Johnson has more than a passing similarity with Trump in his pursuit of power at any price and his (past) conspirators like Cummings helped him in his mission.